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Articles about food and useful tips for people fighting diabetes.


Can Diabetics Eat Refried Beans?

When refried beans are cooked with plant-based oils, nutritious ingredients, and little or no added salt, they are a healthy way to add protein, fibre, and complex carbohydrates to diabetics’ meals.


Can Diabetics Eat Tamales?

Tamales are one of many foods that can seem off-limits to diabetes. And while many parts of traditionally made tamales make them a very diabetic-unfriendly food, you can make many adjustments to become healthier.


Are Fig Newtons Good for Diabetics?

Fig Newtons are a better snack choice than other cookie varieties due to their low-calorie content. If eaten in moderation and combined with a protein source, fig newtons can be an ideal snack for those with diabetes.

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