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What Does Diabetic Itching Feel Like?

Too much sugar in the body can lead to diabetes, and poorly controlled diabetes increases the risk of skin infection, dry skin and neuropathy, which leads to itchy skin.

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Can I Die from Low Blood Sugar During Sleep?

While it is rare, severe untreated hypoglycemia during sleep can potentially be life-threatening for individuals with T1D. It is essential to know the blood sugar rhythm cycle during sleep.


How Long Does it Take to Die of Diabetic Ketoacidosis?

If we don’t recognize the diabetic ketoacidosis in time and reach the hospital for treatment, this complication can escalate and become a threat to life.


Can a Pancreas Transplant Cure Type 1 Diabetes?

Replacing a sick or injured pancreas with a healthy one from a donor who has passed on can give T1D patients a new lease on life.

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Are Olives Good for Diabetics?

Olives are low in calories and carbohydrates and have a low glycemic index, making them the ideal snack for people living with diabetes. Olive oil is good for diabetics, too.


Is Papaya Good for Diabetics?

Papaya can be a nutritious addition to the diet of diabetics when consumed in moderation and as part of a well-balanced meal plan. However, individual responses to this food can vary.


Can Diabetics Eat Yorkshire Puddings?

As Yorkshire pudding is a staple in the British diet, this article explores whether people living with diabetes can safely enjoy Yorkshire pudding as part of their meals.

Can Diabetics Eat Sausage Rolls?

The classic sausage roll has its challenges, but with innovation, it can still find a place on the plate of those with diabetes. Here’s to health, knowledge, and the joy of eating!

Can Diabetics Eat Oat Porridge?

Oat porridge is good for diabetes due to its fiber-rich content. However, the type of oats used, portion sizes, and added ingredients significantly impact its health benefits.


How Much Water Should a Diabetic Drink Daily

There is no one-size-fits-all recommendation for a diabetic’s daily water intake. Several factors influence individual needs, including health, activity level, and climate.

How To Cook Cabbage for Diabetics?

If you’re feeling limited in your food choices due to your diabetes, there’s no need to worry. The humble cabbage, a highly nutritious and budget-friendly vegetable, is here to help!

How to Increase Blood Flow to Feet for Diabetics?

Decreased blood flow to the legs is one of the more common side effects of diabetes. Exercising, watching blood sugar levels, and other methods can help keep it from getting worse or increase blood flow to the legs.


What Causes Blood Sugar to Rise in Non-Diabetics?

Our blood sugar might spike even without diabetes. Whether you have a keen interest in health or experience fast glucose spikes, this knowledge can guide better health choices.

Is Alkaline Water Good for Diabetics?

Alkaline water might be helpful for people with diabetes. But it is still too early to make any firm conclusion. Although some small-scale studies reported the health benefits of it, more evidence is needed.

Does Cannabis Lower Blood Sugar?

Claims have even been made about cannabis’ effect on diabetics, including that it lowers blood sugar and blood pressure and decreases the inflammatory damage diabetes causes. Is there any merit to all these claims? Let’s take a look.



What Does Diabetic Itching Feel Like?

Too much sugar in the body can lead to diabetes, and poorly controlled diabetes increases the risk of skin infection, dry skin and neuropathy, which leads to itchy skin.


Can Blood Sugar Affect Heart Rate?

Living with diabetes means taking extra care to protect heart health. They can reduce the risk of developing heart disease. If your heart health, like abnormal heart rate, concerns you, take immediate medical help.


Is 93/94/95/96/97 a Good Blood Sugar?

One important part of diabetes management is blood sugar readings. Here, we will answer the common question: Is 93-97 mg/dL a good blood sugar level?

Do Blood Sugar Test Strips Expire?

We should be aware that using glucose strips beyond the expiration date or more than three months after opening the container can give unreliable blood glucose readings.

Can Antigen Test React on Diabetes?

People with diabetes do not react differently to antigen tests. But what’s worrying is that they have a higher risk of developing a severe illness from COVID-19. So they should get the COVID vaccine as soon as they can.

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